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Will and Mike were absolutely terrific! We were very pleased with their work and felt we were treated fairly. We have kids with asthma so we wanted to get the problem taken care of right away, and that is exactly what they did. My husband does the maintenance for our church and if ever we have a situation with water we will be contacting you. Thank you again for all the help and great customer service!

— Crystal Moore

The crew worked quickly, efficiently and took control of the situation right away. Thanks for all your hard work!

— Walter Hamrick

I had a terrible experience with a different company a few years ago. Not the case with Atlanta Water and Fire! The service was great, no issues what so ever. Shaun is a great guy that knows what he's doing when it comes to water damage. Thanks again!

— Tom Hallowell

Hardwood Floor Drying in Atlanta

Save Time & Money Restoring Your Hardwood Floors

Do you have water damage to your expensive hardwood floors? Don’t panic! We can help. Years ago having water damage on your hardwood floor meant almost certain need for replacement. However with our Injectidry Wood Floor Drying System™ we can not only dry your floors, but help restore their natural shape in a matter of days.

When wood floor becomes wet, they expand with little space to do so and usually “crown”, meaning swell up at the edges of the boards. What many are not aware of is that this condition can in most cases be easily reversed, saving thousands in repair costs.

By using our proven drying and restorative system, we can effectively dry your wood floor in addition to the wood subfloor underneath it as well.

This process works is by using a combination of low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers & the wood floor Injectidry Wood Floor Drying System™. The dehumidifier works to put out air that is over 90 degrees at 15% humidity across the surface of the wood floor, while the Injectidry Wood Floor Drying System™ pulls that warm dry air through gaps in the wood floor under negative pressure. In most cases, we can have your wood floors, clean, dry and odor free in a few days or less, minimizing the need for refinishing. What you can expect is a quality end result, and as with all our services, our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

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Our Restoration Procedures


Determine Wet Areas


Install Hardwood Drying System


Extract Wet Areas


Run Drying System Until Completely Dry

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